Fishing Equipment

Fishing equipment, also known as fishing tackles, are very important for fishing. Some of the most important equipment of modern days are nets, spears, reels, hooks, waders, sinkers, tackle boxes, traps rods etc. These equipments are not only used by the professional fishermen but also by the recreational fishermen. Someone may be confused the fishing equipments with the fishing techniques, but they are not the same. The equipment is the physical parts used for fishing where the techniques are how to catch fish with or without the help of the equipments. Fishing equipment is also known as fishing gears, but only in case of commercial fishing. 


A combination of hook, lines, and bait indicator is used in the angling techniques of fishing. The hook and the indicator are attached to the line. The bait is placed at the top of the hook and the hook is made in such a way that, when a fish takes the bait in its mouth, the hook impale. The bait indicator drowns when the fish tries to move away with the hook attached into its mouth. The line or the cord is attached to the rod. The rod helps to maintain a balance and better control to the cord. Sometimes a reel is used to control length the cord. The hook is usually made of metal, the line is linen or silk cord, the rod can be both metal and wood made, and the bait indicator is usually plastic.  

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Spear fishing is an old technique for fishing. Old timer spears were usually made of wood and stones. In modern days, the modified versions of spear, the harpoon or trident is made of metal with a cable joining at one end, and a barb at the other end. Some spear guns use rubber slings to increase the speed. Nets are usually hand made by knotting process. Artificial like nylon is used in the modern nets where the old style silk or wool is still used by many. Usually the fishermen make the net by themselves. Another equipment for fishing is the trap. For making a trap, steel rod or steel wire is widely used for a permanent trap. Using of wood is also not very uncommon among the fishermen, but it is not a good choice for a permanent trap.

There is some more important equipment, not directly related to fishing, but extensively used by the professional fishermen. A boat is very important for a fisherman. In a fishing boat all the necessary fishing equipments are usually installed. Some of them have modified for a long run in the sea or to pick up a big fish from the water. For a sea fishing boat, enough space, as well as technology to store fish for long time is necessary have thing. Radio communication equipments and GPS device are also very important for deep sea fishing. In addition, diving equipment is a common thing in a fishing sea boat.