Fire Prevention Tips

It is very important that you know the basics of fire prevention especially with regards to your property and within your own home. It is a good idea that one or more members of your family knows how to put out a fire when it happens. Other than that, everyone inside the house should know how to prevent a fire.

Keep wood and other flammable materials away from your fireplace. Make sure that the metal protective cover is in place before you start the fire to keep children away from the fireplace.   

fire safety

Repair loose cords from your appliances. If you can, replace them to be sure that there will be no accidents. It will only take a spark from these loose cords to cause enough fire to burn down your home.

If you can, try not to smoke indoors. Throw cigarette butts at the right place and make sure that they are out before you throw them away or else there might still be an amber that can cause fire.

Inform the entire family about your plans when fire happens. Agree to stay calm in case of fire inside the home and plan an escape route. Practice drills if you can.

Throw away or recycle used newspapers and other unnecessary materials that catch fire easily. If you need to store them for some reason, make sure that you store them to places that are away from any source of fire.

Never overload a socket or you might end up having to deal with fire. If you need more places to plug your appliance, spread them out to other outlets so that it will not overload your electrical socket.

Make sure that your home have a steady flow of air to avoid overheating of your appliances. When appliances are overheated, they tend to cause sparks which would later turn to fire.