Business Continuity Via Use Of External Storage

Business continuity is very important for any business or enterprise and it remains one of the cores to a business running successfully. This is a recommended practice and which is practical in every sense of looking at it. Business continuance or continuity can be used variably and this refers to the ability of a business or an organization to instill and install processes and procedures which ensure that in the occurrence of a disaster that essential functions will continue uninterrupted. Whenever business continuity is mentioned, it refers to the efforts put in place to make sure a business does not have its core or critical services getting interrupted at any one time and the ability of the business to get back to optimal function both smoothly and very fast. Disaster is impossible to predict and this is reason enough to make sure that the business makes an assessment of its needs moving forward. It should be remembered that business continuity is never implemented the time when the disaster occurs. It is the collection of activities which are performed everyday and which are aimed at building consistency, maintaining service and above all aiding recoverability.  

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There are a myriad of actions which can be taken to ensure that a business is able to protect and sustain its functions even in the face of disasters. Disaster rears its ugly face in many different forms. There may be calamities associated with the weather; hackers may bring down a business and all its operations among many other incidences which would spell doom for a business when they occur. It is the preparedness of the business which will prevail when anything negative and disastrous happens. Business continuity is often not a very practical choice for the small businesses and this arises from the fact that they may not have the personnel and the resources to work with and make this a priority and an everyday practice to ensure their activities and integral cogs of the business will be available when required for.

There are many avenues through which business continuity can be ensured and this is courtesy to many different technologies employed today. The first step in planning for business continuity begins with the identification of all the important and essential functions of the business. Following the identification of essential functions, the core of the plan will revolve around the development of standards, policies, programs, accompanying guidelines and procedures. These measures are to be followed by everybody within the organization and on a day to day basis to guarantee that the enterprise or business is able to forge ahead without glitches, stoppages and this is irrespective of the events which would prove to be adverse to the continuation of the business and all its functions. The design of systems to be used is then based on the plan to achieve success in implementation, support and maintenance of features aimed at business continuity and associated process which are disaster recovery and system support.

The technologies in place should provide a safe blanket and the most appropriate for the business should be identified. Among the many and new technologies, external hard disk storage is one of the methods to provide a simple avenue towards data backup and building business continuity. It is adequate to store and have duplicates to critical files, images and documents which can be restored in times of adversity and the business carries on. The hard drive storage will have its unique advantages in that with proper guidelines and procedures, it will provide a simple and effective way to ensure business continuity. The external storage works quite well for either the simple backing up of data, or as secondary data storage or even yet primary data storage. It is these functions which when well implemented alongside the policies and guidelines that will work towards business continuity. The only downside with the external storage is the fact that in almost all cases will be on the same premises as other systems and infrastructure which is not the most advisable thing. Like with other forms of technology, external storage will have a level of downtime before data is identified and restored to its live environment. External storage coupled with good technology will offer much more than expected especially in the synchronization of live data. Business continuity should then not be regarded as out of reach especially for small businesses and organizations.